8 Hard stuff, hard drugs – all gone

Granny Guss’s shouts drew most of the family to her and baby Drew’s purview. Even the Sunday drop-ins turned sideways to take a look. By the time they realized Sunday had come and gone along with Monday and that it was Tuesday, they also knew it was time to move on. All the beer and the booze and the street drugs were gone, and Aunt Kar was radioactive about protecting the carton of whole milk, the only ingestible left in the house. Word had spread that JoJo forgot to pick up the christening party cake. Everyone who needed to know the time knew it was between nine and ten in the morning, because jolly LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KELLY was on. The parasites, or “real people,” depending on one’s politics, who’d come from wood-on-dirt cottages in the Fairfax hills or from certain apartment buildings located in “on the upswing” San Rafael neighborhoods, hadn’t two nickels to rub together and were loathe to suggest a coffee run, lest they be forced to admit to empty pockets. Their need for coffee was strong. Deferred gratification was not in order, no matter how eagerly they anticipated fresh trouble arriving at the Guss household by Wednesday (an eternal recurrence of annoyance, mildly put, for the good citizens of avenues Alder and Yolanda). They strayed off, ignominiously walking half a mile to downtown San Anselmo where there was a cool world of cafes and fresh opportunity to mooch. Some had cars, but they were uneasy about starting them. They’d become clear-headed enough for vague recollections of gauges indicating Empty, or about histories of deferred maintenance since the moment of taking title.


2 Responses to “8 Hard stuff, hard drugs – all gone”

  1. MOD Says:

    Well, having lived next door to the Gusses, I can relate believe me. In truth, San Anselmo has never been done up so well as by Cool Shake! It makes me homesick just reading it. Keep pouring on all the details about this family. I love Granny Guss — the old bitch! I think baby Andrew might be the next president of the United States.

    Also, this has some of the wildness and syncopated humor that I recall from a column in the Pacific Sun from about 20 years ago that the paper, in its infinite stupdity, canned! Am I right? [You know I am.]

    Anyway, this sounds so good to me and fresh. Please don’t hold back at all. I swear to you: I CAN TAKE IT!

  2. Peter Smith Says:

    I see them peeling their faces open on couches and floors, and then walking down the road, arrow striaght, thinking they look fine, smacking their lips a little in anticipation of their first beer.
    Makes me a little homesick.

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