29 Ross squeezed his movie star

Ross Valley was in the male supine position and finally noticed a speck of blue nearly indistinguishable from the big blue sky. Ross was done and inarticulate and not at all perturbed to have _____ _____ lying all over him as she tried to catch her breath. He hadn’t even checked his watch. He hadn’t even thought of checking his watch. He’d realize this later, remembering that all the snits in each of his four marriages seemed to start because he checked his watch.
He was sure the blue speck was Alain de Tochigi, the Frisco Ninja. He’d been summoned, and the timing fit. Ninja flying time was about 45 minutes to an hour from Coit Tower to Kent Woodlands, depending on the oceanside winds across the Golden Gate. Ah, thought Ross, the masters of disguise that were his ninjas. A practiced eye was needed to know this circling blue speck against the backdrop of firmament was Frisco seeking his previous landing spot.
Ross was amused. A useful level break on the hillside had been planted with glorious purple rhododendrons. But there were four acres to survey for a safe touch down.
“Why are you chuckling?” said _____ _____, with a little kiss.
“You’re going to meet a character pretty soon.”
He’d have asked each one of his wives, in similar circumstances, to give him some breathing room. (“Willya!” he’d capped the request to Number Four, with none of the talent for disguise he so admired in his ninjas. The memory was an open sore, how he should have, could have softened his voice just for the sake of decency.)
“Hey!” Without taking his hands off the small of _____ _____’s naked back, Ross changed his mind.
“Can you see my cell phone anywhere around here?”
It was within reach on a side table. She picked it up herself rather than detour the circling motions of his hands over her backside.
“This thing is already on!” she said.
“Oy,” Ross replied. “Hey!” He began rapidly. “Frisco. Change of plans. Go to San Anselmo first, then come here.”
“Okay boss!”
“I want you to check out the kid. My latest information is that he’s at the drop out coffee . . . no, it’s the Plip Plop Coffe Shop . . .”
“I know place!”
“Baby Drew aka little Andrew, little Drew, baby Andrew, Andrew Guss.”
“Already on way!”
“Get there as fast as you can. Go over the ridge just up the hill and catch the downdraft into Ross. It should carry you at chop-chop speed all the way to Bolinas Avenue. You could change disguises somewhere on the seminary campus . . .”
“Not necessary! Got on baby blues, and blue boat shoes!”
“Okay, they’ll think you’re a yacht owner who wandered away from Sausalito. Good enough.”
“Ah so!”
“Another one of my operatives is already there, if you want to make contact. It’s the Tocaloma Ninja, Swami Skinrash.”
“Just so. He fits right in. See about this baby Drew. I hear he’s a talent.”
“Could be!”
“Over and out, cell phone style. I hope you didn’t . . .”
But the Frisco Ninja had pressed End.
Ross squeezed his movie star.
“Oh, Ross.”
It was all very lovely. But Ross Valley was not a fool; he played with the notion that her foremost thoughts were of priceless real estate just over the hill, one spectacular estate or another in the tiny town of Ross.


One Response to “29 Ross squeezed his movie star”

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    “Ross squeezed his movie star” !!!!!!!!! It doesn’t get better than that. Whew I was going into withdrawal without my daily Cool Shake.

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