27 Idyll

_____ _____ sang “Lamento” while she sprayed the oleander and buttercups, her thumb over the nozzle of the garden hose imperfectly. She got squirted, as well, but only smiled at the mess she was making of her Lorenzini blouse. At first Ross noticed the lovely fragrances off contact with water, then how well she sang. She seemed to use the spray for musical accompaniment as it hit the leaves and dripped over flowers. And her intonation, the soft Portugese – she could have been Antonio Carlos Jobim’s sister, so faithful to his lyrics.
_____ _____ did things like that – well. It was why she was a star. But that was a fact. What was beginning to make Ross uneasy was all this came naturally, the water and the garden played with, tenderly, to make it sparkle and open its scents, singing to herself gaily and softly, her physical beauty plain and simple (and transforming from famous to very famous), and her attraction to him quite clear. She was filling up his life.


One Response to “27 Idyll”

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    Water music. This is very nice.

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