3 Pitching in, saying “Moo!”

3) Aunt Kar’s eyes were open, but she dreamed of many members of the Guss family pitching in. Dreams in vain of a family effort to move all the parlor furniture to the walls. Then baby Andrew clearly would be the center of attention on his baptism day. The dream was peaceful as tumbling flower petals and breezes of her mother’s angel wings. Kar had left the home of kind God-fearing parents and cleaved unto JoJo, uncle of Andrew. In this daydream, the entire Guss household and habitual Sunday drop-ins surrounded the baby and eagerly bestowed smiles and gifts.
“Moo!” she whispered, carton of fresh white milk in hand. But Kar knew. No one would bring a gift. The furniture would stay where it was. “More than probable,” she sighed, breaking off her reverie. It would be life as usual until the last second, when one Guss or another – now Kar merely was envisioning – yapped, “Right!” Some might pull back their legs to slouch in a different direction. Then Kar could approach by ginger steps through the sprawl of feet, carrying a tray of comestible tributes for the baptism boy.
Kar knew this family. Granny Guss would say, “Well, look who’s here!” and beam at the baby for ten seconds, as if Andrew wasn’t already just a few feet away from her lumpy recliner, watchful in his way, and Granny, in degraded form, in hers.
To Kar, baby Andrew was a love. To the lumpy Guss grand-matriarch who was nearly indistinguishable by color and features from her overstuffed chair, baby Andrew was a reminder of something basic, although she’d long forgotten what. He had remarkable warning eyes. He was vigilant, like a hawk. He was self-protective in a way that forced her to care, although that, too, was an inchoate feeling. She raised a stink if family didn’t jump to it when she dropped her empty banana cake tins, lest the lingering aroma draw pests to two precious yards of carpet which lay between his crib and her sitzplace, their mutual sphere of influence where multitudes of Gusses feared to tread, and other sentients died trying.


One Response to “3 Pitching in, saying “Moo!””

  1. RA Says:

    Incroyable! Viva le bebe Andrew!
    I like the look of this site, the name, colors etc. Looking forward to Baptism day. RA

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