21 Chemical teddy bears

The Frisco Ninja’s method was heuristic.
“What you do!” His question to Ms. Plant, who was staring open-mouthed at Coit Tower, was delivered like left and right and left karate chops.
Still Paxilated, when the bing and a bam and a boom of Monsieur de Tochigi’s voice finally reached her, she drawled, “I go see films.”
She considered her life since moving to San Francisco several years earlier, the most romantic city in North America.
“And after the film my girlfriends and I go to someplace and have a drink, to discuss the film.”
“Ohhh!” M. de Tochigi, the Frisco Ninja, growled.
“What you do!” he asked Ms. von Masters.
“Let’s see,” she hummed. Her answer suffered from equivalency.
“You!” Frisco asked Ms. String.
“What do I do?” she seemed to ask herself seriously. “What do-I-do, since you ask? You mean, after work? In the evening? On weekends? What . . .”
“Ah so! Maybe go see movie! Live in San Francisco! See every movie ever!”
The three other young women he questioned were afraid to say it was so, and struggled to recall a picnic, a walk on Ocean Beach, a reunion party with ice tea served along with wine-always-wine-wine-wine. With men present. “A reunion,” Ms. Bean reiterated, to be believable. Eagerly, Ms. Nyuk said there was lemonade at her picnic. Ms. Hop declared she’d watched surfers for awhile, and some of them were men, she thought.
“Getting somewhere!” The Frisco Ninja’s heuristic method made each of his charges examine her life, to make it worth living. “Not far!”
Men, thought each quasi-lovely woman. There’d been no such qualification before they’d embarked on their course with mood-stabilizing drugs. The features of their loveliness remained. It was the light in the eyes, affected by crossed wires, that made them less fetching.


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  1. Peter Smith Says:

    “Getting Somewhere!”
    Day without Cool Shake like day without something to drink!

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