10 Made in the shade

JoJo swore he had the perfect schedule.

8:50 Roll ’em out. [“’em” was himself. JoJo once took an adult education class about the Dalai Lama at Sir Francis Drake High School, just across the creek, and noticed his sloppy language converged with sophisticated notions of The One, in case he ever had to stand in defense of Guss household parlance.]
8:51 or thereabouts, to 8:58 Scratch for coffee; dress (change socks and other items); get inside bathroom, lock, cough.
9:00 Hit the living room sofa and catch Kelly walk onto the set.
9:30 latest Fire up.
9:35 Order fresh coffee from the Drake canteen according to the protocols of the Marijuana For Coffee deal. Say a little prayer for President Reagan, RIP.
10:00 Go to bed.
10:02 Boink Kar, if she is in the room.
10:11 Sleep.
16:00 Wake up and roll ’em out.
16:01 to midnight Let it happen.
00:01 to 8:49 Free time. Some sleep.

The perfect schedule. Kar didn’t agree. She got agitated over it, but what did she know? Miss Goody Gumdrops. The Dalai Lama taught there was “perfection in everything.” Or, mused JoJo with the help of some encrusted mescaline in the night table doilly, was that the dude who used to be in Oregon with all the Rolls Royces and the purple people?


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