38 The authentic ninja

Ross and ____ idled in The Woodlands parking lot in his Ford Mustang convertible, top down. His cell phone rang.
“Ross Valley.”
“Ah so. Honorable Ross.”
“Alain . . . qu’est-ce qui se passe?”
“Baby Drew, yes. In line. Mind own business. With Aunt Kar! She pretty!”
“Is that the Frisco Ninja?” whispered _____ _____.
Ross nodded.
_____ _____ found scrap paper and a pen and asked Ross to engage the speaker feature. Material, material; the confluence of business and pleasure at the drop of a pin.
“I think,” Frisco whispered in his humble native tongue, Broken English, “maybe trouble. Got good disguise for watch’!”
There was rustling and static over the speaker, then the same voice spoke in a completely different manner.
“Actually, I was just a tiny bit perturbed by some of the goings-on among the faculty – whose project took precedence, whose was beneath contempt, and so forth, typical puny academic rivalries – and thought it might be time to step away, just for a quarter. The great thing is that I’ve been able to focus much more succinctly on organizing my thesis . . .”
“Couple next table ask about notebook. You hear – I talk funny. Disguise complete!”
“The authentic ninja can assume a different dialect, rather lexicon, look up r. word,” _____ _____ jotted.
“OK! No one watch me now! Think I just Berkeley shmuck! I watch baby Drew! Now! Many bicycle riders walk in. Now! Not order, yet! Trouble ahead!”


One Response to “38 The authentic ninja”

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    Frisco’s back!
    And better than ever.
    Did you ever read Mason & Dixon? George Washington talking jive, Ben Franklin not?
    This gets better and better.
    Two installments at the same time, you’ll spoil your loyal fans.

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