107 Introduction to Existentialism

“Oh, Ross!”
“I see, I see.” Ross Valley shook his head.
“Something has to be done about that guy.”
“The Kent Woodlands Property Owners weren’t able to fight him successfully.”
“Whatever it takes, I should think,” said _____ _____ earnestly.
Bat Disease was melting down, foaming at the mouth, pounding the dashboard again, quoting passages from the United States Constitution about freedom of expression until the spit went dry. One of the neighbors had walked by and averred that Bat’s new house on South Ridgewood Drive looked like woodland fungus, plain to see as a new-grown mushroom.
“I’m raising my children there! I’m supposed to do that in a one room shack?” His screams degenerated into high pitches which drove man’s pricey best friends buggins. They’d been biding time on The Woodlands Market sidewalk, panting, yapping, while their masters chattered well-heeled nothings. Then the explosion from the parking lot occurred. Leashes were automatically shortened.
“You and your little toadstools . . .” the neighbor got in before Disease let loose again.
“Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross,” _____ _____ rued.
“Alain!” Ross whispered into the cell phone. “Now more acutely than ever, observe the Guss baby – are there any vulnerabilities . . . Is the precision compromised by flaws, any flaw, any flaw at all . . . Is there a moment of doubt before the actions he takes . . .”
“And so forth!” interjected _____ ____, leaning over a bottle of L’Eau Water in the cupholder between them.
The Frisco Ninja responded succinctly from his vantage point at one corner of the parallelogram consisting of himself, baby Drew, the other baby, and sneaky Reluctant Dissenter #2.
“Ah so. No sweat.”
“Thanks, Alain. Thanks.”
“Thanks, Frisco!” The freshest movie star in the world, driven by talent and ambition for the talent rather than mere success and fame, pined for their eventual meeting. She wanted him to recognize her voice.
“Thanks, Ross,” she said modestly, and let his cell phone be.
Ross noticed she was enunciating “Ross” as much as opportunity for it allowed.
He posed the “penultimate question,” Why?


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