103 Of Jimmy Reed singing “Baby What You Want Me To Do”

Kar slid her back against the wall. She moved down and up, about ten inches, unconsciously. Then she realized the motions were sexually representative, what she might do if she were supine, in bed, pleasing JoJo, fulfilling her wifely duties. That she’d done so without thinking meant she was afraid this glorious, fearsome interlude at the Plip Plop Coffe Shop was unique. She’d had a hero by the hand, and life had meaning. Baby Drew was making the world a better place, and Kar had led him to the main chance. But her relationship with JoJo had the years, the days, the hours, the minutes; it won by accretion. Back to the dismal Guss household, and the dismal responsibilities of marriage. Because if she didn’t fulfill them, the Church might retaliate by refusing to baptize baby Drew.
A lifetime of putting out for JoJo, by reflex.
“Swing low, sweet chariot . . .” she sang sotto voce.
“Sock it – to me, baby . . .” she reflected. Mitch Ryder was one of the singers she had on her iPod, to get in the mood once a month.


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