87 Parents roll up their sleeves

John Guss switched off the Osterizers and dialed City Hall.
“Ca va?” answered the Administrative Assistant.
“Well aren’t we Napoleon Brando for a day,” John said, insinuating someone didn’t know her place. He slid a couple of the blenders aside and he sat on top of the triple dresser.
“Is this Mr. Guss again? Her Honor the Mayor is still with the loving cup. And it’s San Anselmo Salutes Sophomore Semesters At La Sorbonne Nouvelle Education Week . . .”
“Come again?”
“No, it’s I on the line still, not Her Honor.”
“Long name to put on a poster.”
“Involved parents in San Anselmo do not give an inch. But you rang for a reason. I presume it’s not about SASSSALSNEW. Care to leave a message, this time?”
John Guss said he would not. As a (mumbled)paying citizen of the city – he paid for his cigarettes sometimes, when all the cars in the Redhill Shopping Center were locked – he demanded the Mayor’s ear before he took the last step and signed at the X’s, plunging into the breathtaking pool of high concept restaurant proprietorship.


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