83 The BookBeat Cafe

Her spectacles glinted two hundred yards closer to the sun than the rest of Marin County. The Sourpuss Ninja shot to Fairfax directly from circumnavigating Kentfield and vibed her Siren’s song at the BookBeat Cafe. Early-risen from gigs, coffee drinking pickers and fiddlers hauled out their instruments and hauled off in messy cars to San Anselmo. They met her at the wooden bridge.
There was Dorie Doorslam, Dan Tantrum, the Marijuanastore brothers Vari and Merlin, and Carrie Kiosk. With the Sourpuss Ninja disguised as a matriarchal lead singer, they were akin to Kentucky Thunder for barefoot soul.
They crossed the planks high above San Anselmo Creek and its lazy ripples to rescue the Frisco Ninja, and strummed and hummed as the Strollin’ Bluegrass Band.


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