69 An artist’s smile

Mikkim Ttommott, artist, charged into the Plip Plop Coffe Shop for her fix and lost all interest in caffeine all at once. Not only was it her chance of a lifetime that hit her right between the eyes, it was the chance of five centuries. The melee starring Madison, cabana, and kata adept baby Drew was the starting point to make right where Leonardo da Vinci had gone wrong.
She erased the daily specials written in several colors on the easel blackboard, and furiously drew this Tuesday counterpart to “The Battle of Anghiari.” All the spectating factions such as the worthless Sunday drop-ins from the Guss house were in the quick-forming cartoon. Mikkim was spurred by her knowledge of history: how similar the settings! Leonardo’s was the Council Hall in Florence, Ttommott’s was just across from San Anselmo City Hall.
Power and glory idealized, the gut of existence transformed into figurative beauty. The indisputable good, baby Drew, versus the bicyclists, craven and irredeemable.
“Chalk! Chalk!” she shouted, “My melt-your-heart smile for pieces of chalk!” as battle raged near the steady and chiaroscuro-sensible windows of her imagination.


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