68 It’s good to be thankful

The Good Hustle Ninja, in the persona of Huancho de la Vega, a grateful young immigrant from south of the border, was like a weathervane adjusting to the current atmosphere. He saw the bicyclists dropping like flies, and took the opportunity to make his disguise yet more convincing. He quoted from The Godfather II, as any ebullient Latino with cable might, in a pre-adolescent’s eager attempt to assimilate as a Norte Americano. Assuming an accent still not completely overcome by diligent effort, he paraphrased Michael Corleone’s observation to Hyman Roth about Cuban rebels.
Good Hustle tugged the ear of his teammates and averred, “I theenk he cane ween.”
As the mere utterance that would authenticate the accent beyond question, he pronounced “man”: “Maee” with an aspirated n.
And striving to make a good impression, as any newcomer does, he raced back to the gelato shop and hoped his pick would be one of baby Drew’s favorites.
When he ordered raspberry, he laid the disguise thickly on: “Een my veeleege, maee’, back in my cohnnntree, we don’ even hayee ice. Thees ees byooo teee foool.”


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