59 An example set by Zhang Ziyi

The other baby engrossed himself in his parents’ TIC TAC mints and started counting. Their table was by the wall, several feet from the rumble, more than the length of the first body to drop.
“Baby count the TIC TAC mints!” His mother burst with pride.
“Baby count, daddy . . .” His father was stumped for a rhyme.
” . . . seven, eight, nine . . .” The baby pointed impatiently. “Ope! Ope!”
“Baby can’t see all the TIC TACs behind the label,” mother informed father. She made “all” soar like a shooting star.
“Baby wants me to open the TIC TACs. Baby wants me to shake them out so they’re all on the table,” said his father, glad for relief from the dilemma of cleverness. He matched his wife’s way with the comprehensive word, attributing sound to a star shooting across the heavens, or mimicking a Roman candle, or huffing a great sigh. Or all together, his confusion suggested. He was thinking simultaneously of all the bills he had to pay by the end of the month.
Silently, the baby counted to three.
“Ope! Ope!” he demanded. What baby was too kind to add was “you patent imbeciles” as he rued the luck of the draw had been on one end of the scale, and his parentage was at the other.
His father shook every bullet-like freshmint onto the wood table top.
“Oh boy!” baby gurgled. He continued, “Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen . . .” with many more to go. Then he interrupted himself and bounced in his chair. “DaDa, Momma, DaDa, Momma!” with smiles wide and engaging.
His mother melted. “And DaDa and Momma love Baby!”
The baby knew he had them, and with the long wood spoon which the Plip Plop Coffe Shop provides to very small children, he pounded the table. Some freshmints were sent flying. The baby scattered white pellets at hand in the direction of baby Drew and the attackers.
The contents of a full container were now airborne and spinning.
“Right on, Homes,” baby Drew acknowledged, articulated age-appropriately as “R’bb’g’g’goo.”
He availed himself of the many TIC TACs, deflecting each as he’d seen Zhang Ziyi deflect martial objects in HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS whenever he and Granny Guss watched their favorite movie, and was satisfied to hear the technique was sure, his aim was true, with each whiny “Ow!” as a freshmint hit a bicyclist’s bare shin.


One Response to “59 An example set by Zhang Ziyi”

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    I swoon in amazement and delight!

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