55 Saying “mellifluous” like Marilyn Monroe

“Raffish times ten!” the beauty with cascading white hair exulted. Uncle Joe had plopped down uninvited. “Plus ten years” she assessed additionally. Even with ten tacked on to the evident age of the lapsed scholar, there was a quarter century difference between her and the older man at the table.
Perhaps he thought the old honey and the shredded sort-of preppy were a safe harbor. Right away he whined, “I wish my name was Drew.”
Uncle Joe had the dirty white boy look perfected, even with incipient sags and crow’s feet, like an object of a Joan Jett song made flesh, and the elder would have creamed in her crinoline skirt were she not expert at timely gratification. She added the age estimates for the two men. The total was a couple years shy of her own. This presented possibilities, and she wondered if the gents found each other congenial.
“Well, first of all, why don’t you tell us the name you actually possess.” She uttered “possess” punctiliously, to enact a theater of the lips.
“Joe.” Grrr.
“Let me guess,” the Frisco Ninja said with a trifle of insolence. “You feel ‘Drew’ is more refined . . .”
“Mellifluous,” senior citizenry’s stunning exception to the rules of reality concurred, playing four syllables, one of which allowed a pout.
“And by contrast,” Frisco sighed impatiently at the converse, “You feel ‘Joe’ is crude, coarse, contemptible . . . verily, a condemnation.”
Ross Valley and _____ _____ heard every word through the cell phone.
“He really is very good at this unhappy-to-the-point-of-mean dropout grad student disguise, isn’t he,” Ross whispered.
“He could get work,” _____ _____ agreed, thinking of roles. “I could get him work . . .”
“Let’s just . . .” Ross started. He stopped to listen to the mature beauty’s voice, faint but clear in the background.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you . . . Joseph.”
Back in the Plip Plop Coffe Shop, she extended her hand, notable around San Anselmo for soft, unblemished fingers, gentle and long.


One Response to “55 Saying “mellifluous” like Marilyn Monroe”

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    Another winner! That old broad is a trip!

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