47 Ninjas have business cards?

“At least let me speak to him. It sounds like he’s got so many fish to fry we’ll never meet face to face.”
“More and more,” Ross wondered. She was verging on intractable global fame and still didn’t presume she’d get what she wanted.
“Alain, someone here wants to talk to you.”
“Boss, foamer make hard to hear! Bicycle boys and girls chatter-chatter!”
“It’s okay. She has perfect enunciation. It’s her thing. She’s an actress.”
“Okay, boss!”
Taking the cell phone with delight, she made a grateful face, as well.
“Monsieur de Tochigi? This is _____ _____.”
“Ah so! Not kidding? No, Honorable Ross have very nice friends. Never speak to movie star before! Love work!”
“Why, thank you.” _____ _____ was experienced enough in the ways of show business not to elaborate. The simple thank you was best for calming the nerves of fans. She guessed the Frisco Ninja was shaking by now, and searching for anything at all to say. She got quickly to the point.
“Ross says there’s another ninja who goes by the sobriquet, The Sourpuss Ninja. It’s very intriguing.”
Her deportment was classic, Ross felt. Quite the little Merle Oberon under studio tutelage.
“Yes, Missy _____ . . .”
“Please, I’d like you to call me _____. Ross has regaled me with the most admirable accounts of your accomplishments.”
“Ah so! Yes, Sourpuss Ninja. Esteemed colleague!”
“You’ve actually met her?”
“And get card. Says, ‘Pill, Pickle, Shrew – a Sourpuss for You.'”
“You ninjas have business cards?” Perhaps the “you” was slightly rude, but _____ _____ was completely surprised, and the condescension was unintentional.
“Only in nutball part of world! Here!”
With the speaker on, Ross heard everything. “It’s only getting nuttier,” he said. He noticed Bat Disease in the parking lot, too, on a cell phone, devoid of grace and purple-faced. It was the reason why he directed the Frisco Ninja to the Plip Plop Coffe Shop.


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