46 Paxil taken according to directions

“Missy Plant!
“Missy von Masters!
“Missy String!
“Missy Bean!
“Missy Nyuk!
“Missy Hop!”
When it was strictly business, Alain de Tochigi, the Frisco Ninja, communicated by cell phone. When it was business concerned with lessons of love, he sent vibrations.
It was a summons to his latest colloquium of unlaid ladies of San Francisco, his half dozen attractive young women who couldn’t break through, meet Mr. Right Enough For Now, and get off.
“Come to San Anselmo chop-chop!” the Frisco Ninja vibrated.
“Mmmmmmooooooui!” Ms. von Masters responded. She gathered the girls, who hadn’t stopped staring at Coit Tower. A still-obscure memory came closer, and they strained for it because the foreshadowing was profound. But they did as bidden and carpooled “chop chop.”
Paxil taken according to directions counteracted the zest indicated by a hyphen.


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