43 Everyone wants to be Agent Double 0 Soul

“You sound like a James Bond film,” _____ _____ remarked, searching Ross’s face for clues.
“Don’t mean to.” He wanted to change the subject. “Do you think this little Mustang qualifies as a James Bond car?”
“No, but the little toy in your garage does. Eminently.”
He liked that. How many people used “eminently” just so? He liked it that she called his car for avoiding flight manifests, sudden bolts to L.A. he didn’t want to explain, a toy. He didn’t know if her parents were alive, but he wanted to meet them. If she’d been brought up in an orphanage, then he wanted to make a meaningful donation.
“How many ninjas do ya have workin’ for ya?” she asked, conscious of imitating Goldie Hawn for a moment, at the Oscar-winner’s most giftedly ingenuous. No Yale-trained wide eyes allowed.
“This should be ‘Need To Know,’ but,” Ross said, “there’s Frisco, of course, and I think I’ve mentioned the Good Hustle Ninja . . .”
“Huancho de la Vega.”
“Si. Then the Sourpuss Ninja . . .”
“I haven’t heard of her. The Sourpuss Ninja. I must hear about this!”
“Then,” Ross Valley announced, and moved close to whisper, brushing her ear with his lips, “you shall.”
“Oh, James.” _____ _____ blended all the European accents of every James Bond girl she could remember, and the result sounded nearly like “Oh, Shames,” deep and satisfying, leaving no doubt she was thinking only of a man, not real estate. Ross shut his eyes, a proxy for applauding the great actress.


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