42 Frisco ejaculated, “Ah so!”

“Did you know that ‘apoplectic’ is constantly misused? It must be the ‘pop’ within that makes ever so many people think it’s about anger, combustion, an impending explosion of fury. Au contraire, it’s about loss of muscle control, collapse, loss of consciousness. So when most people say, ‘He was apoplectic!’ – italics and exclamation point – what they mean, what they should say is, ‘He was fit to be tied!’ But that, of course, eliminates the sesquipedalian effect for which these faux-literates strive.”
The Frisco Ninja was butting into the roundtable discussion again, presumptuous, unctuous, and even a bit sticky like many a sad Masters degree candidate who’s opted for a leave of absence. Frisco’s disguise of a dubious young man fortified by superciliousness was convincing. The Patron of the Arts and everyone else in her circle closed in to keep him out. But the half a minute of intrusiveness was enough for Frisco to ascertain his view of baby Drew. When he rocked forward and all four feet of his chair returned to the floor, he whispered into his cell phone.
“Baby Drew with Auntie Kar – still at four o’clock! Line for coffee not move chop-chop!”
“Well, aren’t you the smart one.” It came from eleven o’clock on the conceptual dial.
Someone who sounded like a James Bond heroine, or at least a willing conquest of the secret agent’s, had slipped into a vacant chair at Frisco’s table.
Surprised by the voice over his shoulder, Frisco ejaculated, “Ah so!” in native accent.
Should he cover his mistake with characteristic insolence and dripping sarcasm, the purview even of enrolled liberal arts and social sciences graduate students, or with a loquacious digression, a different, far more palatable characteristic? Or he could pass off “Ah so!” as an affectation, whimsy, if you will, noted with a sly smile.
In fact, the face matched the voice, as if it was a Bond girl indeed from the first few 007 films. The woman’s white hair flowed over her shoulders, she was trim and fit, her lips generous but natural, and across her nose and cheekbones was a spray of freckles that was miraculously cute.
Frisco’s professionalism as a ninja was challenged.


One Response to “42 Frisco ejaculated, “Ah so!””

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    As Peter Sellers said, eyeing Ursula Andress up and down when she showed up in a teeny pink bikini in “What’s New Pussycat”, “My compliments to the chef.”

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