39 HOTYS cont.

Her Excellency the Mayor of San Anselmo polished the Trophy of Virtue, a coveted duty which made her miss the Little League game. But word soon came to City Hall of Juancho de la Vega’s miracle play, and with victory today he and his teammates soon would face the champs of San Rafael. Could the mayor be the one, finally, who awarded the great trophy of silver, emeralds, and gold? It had sat, in its crystal clear glass case, in city hall for half a century, increasing in prestige, value, and rarity. Few cities in the world, Her Excellency speculated, had a trophy with an embedded gold medal created – conceived of and forged – wholly by Benvenuto Cellini. In its heyday, understood Her Excellency, for she wasn’t yet born, the Archdiocese of San Francisco, through the pious and incorruptable conduit of Monsignor McGarr at St. Anselm’s, had donated this medal to the little town simply on principle: an object of virtue for the Trophy of Virtue. And it stood unbequeathed, just yards from the Plip Plop Coffe Shop, awaiting, it seemed, a virtual avatar.


One Response to “39 HOTYS cont.”

  1. MOD Says:

    I expect a fuller description, down to the yellow fingernails, of Msgr. McGarr. He was a rarified saint who was there, meaning at St. Anselm’s, while he had already ascended to other purer realms. Only you can give him a portrait worthy of his sanctity — a great tall rapier of a man — Can I say flinty? — who barely spoke and hardly breathed. Make him alive for me, buddy, and take me back to my First Communion. I’ll be eternally grateful!

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