39 HOTYS cont.

THE DEPRESSION OF BABY DREW (not unlike the depression of Arjuna) With forces of bicyclists gathering, baby Drew sank and sat crosslegged on the Plip Plop Coffe Shop hardwood floor. He knew it was his dharma to accept the challenge and fight, and he said so to himself in nice cadences of baby language (“G’ b’ ng’ hh’ . . .”), but he posed the question of why he must. He realized Nietzsche had called it the penultimate question. He and Granny Guss long ago sat rapt while NIETZSCHE CONTRA WAGNER was discussed on C-Span2. “Why?” as the penultimate question; it meant there was more, more to life than the questioning spirit. When Aunt Kar reached down and extended her gentle fingertips to his little hand, Drew rose, as he knew he must, to confront his destiny.


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