138 Mention Karl Lagerfeld

_____ _____ approached Jeffy to offer him lemonade along with the rest of the worthless Sunday drop-ins who clotted near a cascade of ferns. She hadn’t heard his slatherings of “ewwww” and “uuuuuu” nor the obscene wish he’d made for show. Pota enlisted herself to help, and her tray soon emptied. It was always grab, grab, grab with these have-nots. But _____ _____ noticed Jeffy had a large sore on his lower lip, and a couple of small sores on the upper. Her ability to think fast on her feet came through again, and she believed the citric acid would sting him. She turned her tray so it was out of reach, motioning toward baby Drew and the other baby as they played pattycake, assisted and encouraged by Aunt Kar, and diverted Jeffy from enduring mild but sharp pain entailed were he to wet his whistle. “It seems Kelly is panting to say something,” said _____ _____ to all the unworthies. They looked up. Meanwhile, back at the ramshackle anathema on the Alder/Yolanda confluence, John Guss and the mayor were at it. To the mayor, the orgasms were all of a continuum, but baby Drew’s dad kept count. What they had in common was no notice that they hadn’t been invited to the party. As they peaked together, John was prolix about his dream concept, les entrees des purees. “All blended together . . . oh! . . . le riz sauvage . . . aaaaah! . . . l’asperge . . . la sole meuniere . . . low grind . . . volume discount on the Osterizers . . . Costco! . . . le persil . . . Dolce e Gabbana . . . logo . . . straws . . . no flatware! . . . oo la la!” The mayor contributed more nonsense. Or did she maintain her absolute certainty about John’s idea, thus the screams, “. . . stupid! stupid! stupid!”?


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