137 To the smelly, all things are smelly [paraphrase of an aphorism]

“I’d like to ____ her,” Jeffy said, about _____ _____.  He wouldn’t have enjoyed it. He said what he did just to dirty things up. If he hadn’t, one of the rest of the worthless Sunday drop-ins probably would say something as vile. The only exception was Pyp, who at any rate was veering toward acceptance by the Patron of the Arts’ roundtable crowd. They found her coinages irresistible. “Sorry he smellered her,” Pyp apologized, acknowledging Jeffy was in the group she came with. “Jeffy’s the prime example, the pullsdown punk, weak, weary, woebegone. He’s a sore loser.” But Pyp was no fart like Jeffy nor the stinking nihilists she was pulling away from, and on the patio excitement grew for her musical drama about nineteenth century German philosophy.


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