130 Cake and a message

Uncle Joe didn’t need to set aside the Administrative Assistant’s hands and interrupt the litany of “Trust me?” A cake was provided by Governor Schwarzenegger, and so the Sourpuss Ninja informed everyone as she passed to and fro between Ross’s patio and the state capitol. Millions got the gist who saw an object high in the blue that looked like sweets icon Mary See. The Governor begged off the impending christening party with a message: it was important to put all his effort toward amending the Constitution. Eligibility to be president of the United States needed to change from thirty-five years of age to three and a half. How else, the Governor asked with winning gutteral rhetoric, can baby Drew have the weapons of mass destruction for his good work? The German tourist finished translating, as the message for the many turned directly to the one: “And you’ll enjoy living in a cleaner house than the abomination, the anomaly, the anathema of Alder Avenue and Yolanda Drive!” No one doubted baby Drew could win the next election.
Gloriously, Little Leaguers and little friends arose, their cherubic hands gripping a toadstool-colored plasma screen the size of Memorial Park’s fields all put together. It was hidden in Bat Disease’s yard among a thousand non-native plantings and his fungus-colored oversized house. Nicely enough, many had befriended Bat’s troubled daughter while they crouched behind the giant screen, and exchanged waves with her and promises to go for a bike ride together soon – just around the neighborhood, without a plan – before they turned twelve. True to type fabulous San Anselmo teenager and tweener, the children had grips like titanium and could increase altitude with one hand free. As a happy result, it was a revelation to the little Disease that strength could be defined by something other than her father’s screaming.


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